Life Members
Life members are elected by the Patrol in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the welfare of the Patrol and its members. Life members have made a significant difference to the patrol through their work ethic, dedication, selflessness, and commitment.

A “life member” is a member or former member who has been selected by the committee, on the basis of outstanding contribution to the Association.  Their appointment as a “life member” is confirmed by member vote at an annual general meeting of the Association.

Each of their contributions has improved the body corporate. The Patrol thanks them for their camaraderie, leadership and achievements.

1975    Bert Gardner  AM MBE
1978    Mark Cambourn
1981    Michael Marks
1986    Felicity Haliday
1986    Tim Clare
1992    Peter Wachtel  OAM
1992    Ashley Blondell
1994    Adam Davenport
1996    Ross Munn
2000    Gary Grant
2002    Anthony Butler
2011    Peter Kaim
2012    Roland Flesch
2017    David McAlpine
2017    Terry Chalk
2017    Peter Gidley

The Patron of the Perisher Ski Patrol is an important member of the community who is able to provide links to our stakeholders and assist the patrol in communicating the alpine safety message. He or she is able to represent the patrols interests in communicating with the community at large, the government and corporate community. The patron forms an important part of the consultation process when changes are proposed within the patrol, particularly when they affect the community.

1986 to 1987         Hon Barry Unsworth (Premier of NSW)
1988 to 1992         Hon Nick Greiner (Premier of NSW)
1993 to 1996         Hon John Fahey (Premier of NSW)
1997 to 2005         Hon Bob Carr (Premier of NSW)
2012 to 2014         Hon Barry O’Farrell (Premier of NSW)
2015 to 2017         Hon Mike Baird (Premier of NSW)
2017 to present     Hon Gladys Berejiklian (Premier of NSW)

The President is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. As the head of the Executive Committee, the President sets the tone for the organisation and provides leadership and direction.

Senior leadership roles are an important part of the fabric of the patrol and the time and effort that is necessary to fulfil these roles successfully is significant. The individuals do not do the role without support from family and friends. They too are recognised as part of the member’s contribution.

1968 to 1970          Barrie Mitchell
1971 to 1975          Bert Gardner
1976 to 1978          Mark Cambourn
1979                         Paul Korbel
1980                         Bert Gardner
1981 to 1986          Tim Clare
1987 to 1991          Ashley Blondell
1992 to 1993          Adam Davenport
1994 to 2003          Gary Grant
2004 to 2013          Peter Kaim
2014 (part)              Tim Clare
2014 to 2017           Michael McAlary
2017 to present       Mark Plateris