The Outstanding Service Award

President Mark Plateris with 2017 Outstanding Service recipient Lee Alafaci

Perisher Ski Patrol is pleased to recognise outstanding and long-term superior service to the organisation and the skiing public.  Often we have unsung heroes who work invisibly behind the scenes to ensure the success of the team.Our organisation requires a huge effort to keep it going from year to year (and decade to decade). The Outstanding Service Award (and the perpetual trophy that goes with it) recognises the meritorious and exceptional effort that has resulted in significant and sustained improvement to the patrol.  These individuals (and often their families) tirelessly offer their wisdom, their skills, their time, their historical perspective and their professional capabilities. This award is in keeping with the highest honours and recognition that the patrol grants.


National Medal (Australian Honours System)

The recipients of The National Medal at the Perisher Ski Patrol Inc. 50th Anniversary DInner, October 2017.  (Back Row) John Lembke, Pascal Phillips, Peter Burzynski, Jeremy Perrott, Ian Roberts, Jason Holland, Mark Painter, John Staniforth, Neil Messinbird (Middle Row) Jamie Cook, Wayne Groeneweg, Terry Nye, Jill King, Andy King, David McAlpine, Peter Wachtel, Hellen Tilley, George Banfalvy, Peter Melvey, Lins Ottaway, Peter Gidley (Back Row) Tim Clare, Anthony Butler, Catrina Bleicher, Fred Gengaroli, Rowan Peck, Terry Chalk, Ben Stark, Michelle Langsam.

The National Medal recognises long and diligent service by members of recognised organisations that risk their lives or safety to protect or assist the community in times of emergency or natural disaster.

The National Medal was established in 1975 as one of the first three elements of the Australian honours system. When the medal was first introduced it recognised 15 years of diligent service by members of the Australian Defence Force, Australian police forces, and fire and ambulance services. In 1982, eligibility changed. Eligibility for the National Medal expanded to include people who had participated in volunteer service and emergency services.

The Governor-General awards the National Medal. The award recognises long service in approved organisations that protect life and property at risk to their members.

Fifteen years’ of recognised patrol service is required to qualify, with a recommendation from the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association. Clasps are awarded for each additional ten years’ service.

The Perisher Ski Patrol National Medal Presentation Dinner April 2017: (Back Row) Guest Peter Brulisauer – Perisher COO, Laurie Kobler, John Lembke, Lins Ottaway, Helmut Rohde, Tim Clare, Peter Gidley, Michael East, Terry Nye, Robert Croft, Terry Chalk, Greg Brennan, Peter Wachtel, David Hume, Michael McAlary, Ben Stark. (Middle Row) Guest Peter Mowbray – President ASPA, David McAlpine, David Genner, Andrew Paul, Roland Flesch, Michelle Langsam, Deborah Ferguson, Jasmine Melvey, Michelle Ware, Rowan Peck, Brett Davies, Peter Kaim, Dean Gavrilovic, Ian Griffith, Kurt Bloomfield. (Front Row) Chuck Fritchley, Peter Melvey, Gary Grant, Paul Shrubb, John Nielsen, Guest The Hon. Tony Abbott MP, Geoff Rousel, Anthony Butler, Colin Fletcher, Guest Wayne Tuckwell — Perisher Ski Patrol Director, Mark Plateris, Richard Hemsworth.