Perisher Ski Patrol Inc.

Volunteering is a life style decision, and being a member of Perisher Ski Patrol Inc. (PSP), the largest volunteer ski patrol in Australia is both a privilege and fun. PSP operates under the ‘One Patrol’ umbrella by supporting Perisher’s Paid Patrol across the 1245 hectares of the Perisher Blue resort that includes Perisher, Smiggins Hole, Blue Cow and Guthega.  Perisher is the largest ski resort in Australia.  We also patrol the cross country trails and are available to help on out of resort rescues. In summer, PSP if requested, provides first aid services to events, such as L'tape cycling event and mountain triathlons.

Our ski patrolling activities may be summarised as to:

  1. Serve the skiing public without charge
  2. Promote safety and accident prevention – see Alpine Responsibility Code
  3. Assist in reducing risks
  4. Respond to incidents
  5. Adopt and apply uniform standards – see Australian Ski Patrol Association (ASPA)
  6. Enjoy and have a fun time.

PSP is a not-for-profit charity and is a member of the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association and many of our members have received the Governor General’s National Medal for outstanding service to the community.  We are also a member of ASPA our peak training body.


Our Services


We promote safety by reducing potential risks or hazards and provide search and rescue services as a key member of the Volunteer Rescue Association.


When the need arises our Ski Patrollers provide world class advanced emergency care.


Tailored first aid medical assistance by professionally trained Ski Patrollers.

Advice and Information

Alpine Responsibility Code

There are inherent risks in all snow recreational activities. Common sense, staying in control and personal awareness can reduce these risks. Risks include rapid changes in weather, visibility and surface conditions, as well as natural and artificial hazards such as rocks, trees, stumps, vehicles, lift towers, snow fences and snowmaking equipment. Observe the code and ski and ride with courtesy to others…(read more)…

Snowsport Fitness

Want to know how to get fit for the season?  Here are a few exercises that will help you prepare for your visit to the snow… (read more)…

Alpine Safety

Enjoying your holiday to the snowfields requires careful planning. So with some consideration and preparation your trip to the snow will be a safe one! …(read more)…

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As a parent, I can tell you the panic that you feel when you can’t find your child.  Thank you PSP for reassuring us firstly, and more importantly finding and returning Sophie.   Great work.

Lost and Found

Thanks Perisher Ski Patrol. My family and I  can’t thank you enough.  Heart attack, treatment, evacuation – my family tell me they’ve never seen people and gear arrive so fast.  Bless you all.


I am extremely grateful for the medical help I received from the Perisher Ski Patrol. They made a very traumatic situation calmer. I have a huge amount of respect and gratitude for them. PSP does a wonderful job.

Calm Skier

I had a big accident at the bottom of Eyre at the end of the season, I caught an edge, went over the front and slammed straight into a tree. Patrollers were there really quickly. They were attentive and their calm attitude reassured me. The Perisher Ski Patrol acted efficiently and carefully in removing me from the difficult position with my significant injuries. Thank you.

Tree Skier

About Perisher Ski Patrol

Want To Become A Patroller?

Interested in joining the Perisher Ski Patrol?  Want to contribute by volunteering your time serving the alpine community in the Perisher Range? …(read more)…

Who We Are

Perisher Ski Patrol Inc. (PSP) is a volunteer group of skiers and boarders who have been active as a rescue and first-aid organisation since 1968 …(read more)…

What We Do

All PSP patrollers are members of the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association and also affiliated with the peak alpine safety body: the Australian Ski Patrol Association.

A day in the life of a patroller is …(read more)…



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